Staircase to the Moon 2022

Breathtaking natural phenomenon known as Staircase to the Moon visible from Town Beach. When the rising full moon reflects off the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide, a beautiful optical illusion of stairs reaching to the moon is exposed. The Staircase Markets are held at Town Beach Reserve over the two nights of the full moon March – October. Staircase to the Moon Dates 2022 MARCH 2022 APRIL 2022 MAY 2022 Saturday 19th 6.55pm Sunday 17th 6.09pm Tuesday 17th 6.27pm Sunday 20th 7.34pm Monday 18th 6.55pm Wednesday 18th 7.28pm Monday 21st 8.16pm Tuesday 19th 7.45pm Thursday 19th 8.33pm JUNE 2022 JULY 2022 AUGUST 2022 Wednesday 15th 6.13pm Thursday 14th 6.07pm Friday 12th 5.58pm Thursday 16th 7.21pm Friday 15th 7.15pm Saturday 13th 7.01pm Friday 17th 8.29pm Saturday 16th 8.19pm Sunday 14th 8.00pm SEPTEMBER 2022 OCTOBER 2022 NOVEMBER 2022 Sunday 11th 6.40pm Monday 10th 6.17pm Wednesday 9th 6.50pm Monday 12th 7.36pm Tuesday 11th 7.11pm Thursday 10th 7.45pm Tuesday 13th 8.30pm Wednesday 12th 8.06pm Friday 11th 8.40pm